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Tongluo Township is located at the south-west side of Miaoli County. Here grows abundant of chrysanthemum, tea leaves, taro, pomelo, peach, plum, persimmon, grafted pear, grass jelly, camphor, lemongrass, etc. Tongluo’s chrysanthemum industry, in particular, started to grow around 1950s and has gradually developed to be the largest place of production in Taiwan today. It is true to the nickname of “Chrysanthemum Town”.

Let's GO!
Tongluo Town welcomes and invites visitors to personally experience, through five senses, Tongluo's fun in different times of a year.

In winter, the snowing like scenes in Tongluo performed by the famous chrysanthemum flowers plays the Tongluo exclusive drama of “The November Snow”. When tens of thousands of flowers blossom at the same time, the scene of snowy white flowers covering and draping over the ground is so spotless white and magnificent. In additional to the famous Chrysanthemum season, there are also two other local-featured festivals in Tongluo: Firecracker Flower Festival and Tung Flower Festival, which also draw visitors here to appreciate the flowers and scenes.
Tongluo is surrounded by mountains in 3 directions; even more, it has green tea gardens and field scenes. Hakka meals, local food and special desserts here are able to satisfy curious taste buds. Guesthouses with different styles provide hospitable and conformable stays and services. In addition, there are leisure industries and tourism factories with various themes and topics. All these are waiting to become pieces of wonderful memories in your trip.

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